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kids helmets are essential protective gear for Toddlers – Boys & Girls who are eager for adventure, combining advanced technology, comfort and style to protect riders while enhancing the riding experience.

OEM&ODM kids helmet manufacturer professional protective gear designed for children’s and youth who love sports, designed to provide protection while ensuring comfort and performance when riding.

Main features of kids helmets:

1. kids helmets Basic features:

1)Ventilation holes for ventilation without stuffiness
2)Adjustable rear lock
3)Breathable padding: Sweat-wicking and breathable padding ensures comfort during long-term use
4)Covered age group: infants and toddlers under 12 years old and Youth above

2. Features of kids bike helmets

1) In-mold technology one-piece molding, aerodynamic streamlined design
2) Safety certification: In compliance with all safety standards, ensures maximum protection when riding a bicycle.
3) Lightweight design: Built specifically for young riders, its lightweight structure does not compromise durability.
4) Adjustable fit: Equipped with easily adjustable straps and headbands to ensure a comfortable fit for a variety of head shapes.
5) Vivid Graphics: Decorated with playful, colorful designs that kids will love.
6) Ventilation System: Equipped with multiple vents to keep your head cool and comfortable during riding.

3. Features of Kids Ski Helmet

1) Powerful Protection: Slope-mounted design with enhanced impact resistance, which is essential for skiing safety.
2) Warmth and Insulation: Lined with thermal pads to keep your head warm in cold skiing conditions.
3) Goggle Compatibility: Integrated clips for securing ski goggles ensure they stay in place.
4) Adjustable Dial Fit: Perfect for growing kids, with an adjustable dial for the perfect fit.
5) Ear Pads: Removable and padded for extra warmth and comfort.

4.Features of Kids Skateboard Helmet

1) Impact-Resistant Shell: A rugged outer shell is combined with a shock-absorbing inner layer.
2) Street Style Design: Stylish and beautiful to appeal to young skateboarders.
3) Customizable Fit: Adjustable chin strap and interior padding for a secure and comfortable fit.
4) Breathable Padding: Sweat-wicking, breathable padding ensures comfort during extended use.
5) Variety of Colors: Available in a variety of colors to match any skateboard or personal style.

5. Other related features of children’s helmets for different sports scenarios and needs

1) Removable kids full-face helmet with
2) Adjustable kids open-face helmet
3) kids helmet with LED light
4) Carbon fiber kids helmet

Application scenarios of kids helmets:

kids helmets are mainly suitable for bicycles, skateboards, scooters, balance cars, skating, skiing, outdoor riding and other sports