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Gravel Bike Helmets

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Gravel cycling is becoming more and more popular. It is always important to have a suitable gravel bike helmet. Lightweight, good ventilation, suitable riding posture and fit of road handlebars are important qualities of gravel bike helmets.

About Gravel Bikes

Gravel bikes are a type of bike designed for non-hardened roads. They originated in North America and gradually became popular all over the world. The application scenarios of gravel bikes are between traditional road bikes and mountain bikes. It is a type of bike that emphasizes road adaptability.

Features of Gravel Bike Helmets

1. Aerodynamic streamlined design: It can reduce air resistance,
2. Lightweight design: Made of lightweight materials, it can reduce the pressure on the rider’s neck and shoulders, 3. Ensure comfort during long rides.
4. Ventilation: It is designed with sufficient ventilation to keep the rider cool during intense riding. The position of the vents is optimized to balance protection and airflow.
5. Comfort padding: They usually contain soft padding inside to increase comfort, which also helps absorb sweat during riding.
6. Personalization: Other personalized needs based on different adaptation scenarios
Monusports, a gravel bike helmet manufacturer, takes into account the characteristics of road bike helmets and mountain bike helmets, and can provide gravel bike helmet customization and solutions according to different needs

What helmet do you wear on a gravel bike?

Simply remove the visor from the mountain bike helmet, and you have an ideal helmet for gravel riding

Applicable people and scenarios

1. “Just for fun” and “casual heavy taste” road bike riders
2. Long-distance highway, comfortable highway, commuting, cycling, mountaineering, training, long-distance endurance race…